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Dog Training Collar

Start a New Age of Communication With Your Dog
As a military veterans in the dog’s commando unit – We have participated in countless operations with our dogs, including rescuing casualties in the 9/11 attack.

After careful examination in lab & field during our service, we are confident to introduce our high-end product in which already take its place as the most flexible & professional E collar in the market.

strives to provide the ultimate dog training gear across the world.

Our Story

OUR STORY We at INVIROX are more than delighted to share our dream with you! As a commando dogs unit veterans- we worked with hundreds of dogs on a daily routine. Our dogs had to learn top complex commands to join us for any army mission that came along the way. Educating those dogs was a challenging task. Even though we had the right tools at our disposal. The ordinary person would not have those tools available. Therefore, we have decided to develop a top-notch product which will remain professional & yet accessible to all dog owners. With dog training collar you will get the ultimate training gear to start a new age of communication with your furry friend. Always remember, the very first step in educating our beloved ones has to begin with understanding their needs & natural behavior. Only then can we give them the right treatment which fits those needs – and always with love

How to Use the Dog Training Collar

1. Read the user manual carefully. Know how to operate the collar before trying it on your dog. 2. Attach the collar to the dog’s neck. Make sure that the prongs touch the dog’s skin, the collar is comfortable and won’t fall off. If the dog has thicker fur, use a comb to separate the fur at the point of contact so that the product can reach the skin. 3.It is important to adjust the proper collar size, too long or too tight may cause skin damage to the dog. 4. Start Training Your Dog. Start at beep mode, then vibration mode, if the dog doesn’t respond, shock mode is the last choice. Meanwhile, start at the lowest level of every mode then slowly turn to the next level until the dog has a response. 5. Avoid leaving the collar on the dog for more than 10 hours a day. If possible, remove the collar and check the dog’s neck every 2 hours. 6. Do not tie the dog leash to this collar. Check the dog’s neck skin condition every day, if any signs of skin discomfort are found, please stop using it in time until the skin heals. 7. It is recommended to use the original charging cable to charge. But you can conveniently charge it with the USB outlet of the power bank/computer/car. If charged by adapter, please note the adapter power must be not greater than 5V1A.

Love your pets by knowing them

Better Technology, Better Communication. Love your pets by knowing them DOG CARE believes that the joy of living with pets comes from “respect”, which means that pet owners should understand their pets while training them. With the integration of technology, Dog training collar for dogs would be your good assistant to start a innovative communication chapter with your pets, which helps owners train their pets effectively. Training dog collar is better than you think